Join the Shattered Planet Mailing List!

Look to your right. No, not in real life — on our website!

You should see a mailing list sign-up. Why would that tempt you?

1. That’s where we will send our first playtest invitations.

2. That’s where we will announce any major release details first.

3. That’s where we will announce contests to win prizes, from Shattered Planet swag to possible iTunes gift cards!

4. We’re super-nice and not spammy. At most, we intend to only send something every week or two, and maybe a bit more frequently in the week around launch, but that’s it! We haven’t actually sent a single mail to the list yet, because we didn’t feel there was anything important enough to bother you with… but pretty soon… there might just be something interesting in your inbox…

5. The larger our mailing list, the more likely we will be able to launch Shattered Planet successfully and keep going as a company!

As four people, we’re aware that our core team is larger than the usual solo or duo company. This is a bit of a risk on our part, since we rely more on sales and income than smaller teams, but we think that the “indie scene” is ready for slightly more beautiful and polished games than are currently on the market.

If you want to support professional-quality indies.. join the mailing list, and spread the word!