Now Hiring: Community Manager

Kitfox Games needs someone to wrangle and grow our friendly little community! We have social media and newsletter and Kickstarter stuff, and a game coming out in a few months. There’s lots to be done… and to be honest, most of it can be called community management, but we’re a very small team, so if you have other interests, maybe we can give you other kinds of tasks too.

We’re looking for someone with experience in community and social media to work part-time in-house in downtown Montreal, Canada, for a one-month starter contract. We’ll pay per-hour and provide all necessary equipment and training. If the stars align, in time we could either scale it up to a full-time position, OR keep it part-time for years, pending Kitfox needs, your ambitions and availability, etc.

Please submit your application to by January 13th!

We’d love to hire you if you:

  • Are available legally to work 15-20 hours per week in Montreal, for at least 1 month (we cannot provide a Canadian work visa)
  • Can demonstrate community organizational experience (preferably online and/or in games)
  • Have strong written communication skills
  • Interested in game design and the entire game development process
  • From an unusual background or add to our team’s diversity!
  • Bonus points for fearlessness, game development experience of any kind, and willingness to learn

Pay range: $18-25 per hour depending on experience