Now Hiring: Programmer

Kitfox games is hiring! We create beautiful, intriguing little worlds, and believe in a healthy work-life balance, because well-rounded people make better games.

We know that the salary listed below isn’t ideal. If you’re a mid-tier programmer, chances are you can get paid WAY better than this. Our hope is that quality of life and creative ownership can entice you to give us a try anyway. Nobody at Kitfox is paid more than you will be — we’re hoping to give everyone raises together, as we grow as a company.

For more information about the company, read about us.

Application deadline: February 15th
Send your CV & work samples/portfolio to
Expected annual salary: $48,000 with health benefits

Full-time Position: Programmer
We are looking for someone who:

  • Has some professional experience with programming game systems & AI
  • Has “finished” a game or prototype from start to finish, alone or with others (for example, a successful game jam)
  • Has experience with programming in Unity, and ideally C#
  • Is legally able to work in Montreal, Canada
  • Enjoys independence and cross-discipline collaboration
  • +Bonus points for front-end, interface, or network coding experience
  • +Bonus points for (even informal) game design experience or interest
  • +Bonus points for an unusual background, work experience, or lifestyle