Now Hiring: Programmer

Kitfox games is hiring for an unannounced game! We create beautiful, intriguing little worlds, and believe in a healthy work-life balance, because well-rounded people make better games.

You would be joining a team of 3 other full-time developers — an artist, a designer, and a designer-programmer, to create a premium desktop game, to be released in 2020. It’s a game about solving mysteries, so any interest in those kinds of experiences or games would probably help you enjoy your first year on the job.

If you’re an experienced programmer, we know you might want a higher salary than offered below. However, our hope is that quality of life and creative ownership on award-winning games at Kitfox can entice you to give us a try anyway. Every year so far, we have managed to increase everyone’s salary together, but $61k CAD is the most anyone is paid at the company at present.

For more information about the company, read about us.

Application deadline: midnight November 14th 2018
Send your CV & work samples/portfolio to
Expected annual salary: $51k to $61k CAD, with health benefits and travel opportunity
Suggested start date: January 2019

Full-time Position: Programmer
We are looking for someone who:

  • Has some experience with programming game systems, interface and/or tools
  • Has “finished” a game or prototype from start to finish, alone or with others (for example, a successful game jam)
  • Has experience with programming in Unity, ideally C#
  • Has good communication skills in English
  • Is legally able to work from our office in downtown Montreal, Canada
  • +Bonus points for shaders or network coding experience
  • +Bonus points for an unusual background, work experience, or lifestyle