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June 2017



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The Shrouded Isle is a human sacrifice cult simulator in which you play as the high priest of a secluded island village, preparing for the awakening of a dark god by purging sinners in your community. Five families vie for power as the storms roll in and things beneath the waves threaten to wake.


The Shrouded Isle began as a jam game for Ludum Dare 33: You Are The Monster. It's created by developers of multiple studios, but published by Kitfox Games.


  • Choose a victim to sacrifice every season
  • Balance power across 5 political families
  • Procedurally generated villagers and relationships
  • Try not to wake the old gods!


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (11MB)

download logo files as .zip (470KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "(Prototype) Ludume Dare 33 Graphics 2nd place, Mood 3rd place, Audio 4th place"

Selected Articles

  • "Keep the old gods asleep in village manager The Shrouded Isle"
    - Jordan Devore, Destructoid
  • "a haunting game that forces players to contemplate the lengths they’d go to provide for their people"
    - Nicole Carpenter, Kill Screen
  • "There is no hope of salvation"
    - Kimberly Wallace, GameInformer
  • "If you consider yourself a people pleaser who also happens to enjoy worshiping embodiments of madness from beyond time and space, you'll want to clear your schedule"
    - Joel Couture, Indiegames.com

Monetization Permission

Kitfox Games allows for the contents of The Shrouded Isle to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from The Shrouded Isle is legally & explicitly allowed by Kitfox Games. This permission can be found in writing at http://www.kitfoxgames.com/press/sheet.php?p=shrouded_isle.

About Kitfox Games

A young games studio focused on creating dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. Shattered Planet was our first project, a survival-strategy RPG for tablets and PC. Moon Hunters is our second project, a co-operative myth-building RPG for PC and consoles.

More information
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The Shrouded Isle Credits

Jongwoo Kim
Programmer and Designer, Kitfox Games

Erica June Lahaie
Artist, Cardboard Utopia

Francois-Xavier Bilodeau
Audio Designer, Freelance

Tanya Short
Writer, Kitfox Games

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