Safari on Planet Earth, Fragment #8419

We experimented with the glorious little application that is Gifcam, and behold… beautiful new gifs of gameplay!

First our Captain had a bit of a wander to meet the native wildlife and share his bountiful medicines:


Then he got out his Lonely Planet guidebook and tried out the greetings and customs of the local people:


Finally, our intrepid documentarist exposed himself to the dangers of the growing Blight, for the education of home viewers.



One thought on “Safari on Planet Earth, Fragment #8419

  1. I look forward to playing this!

    Two small nitpicks: I feel like with a little work on the level layout, these GIFs could be perfect loops, and I think the way that new terrain pops in at the edges looks strange. It’s as if the world magically appears as a result of your walking. What’s the reason for that little transition animation being there?

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