Shattered Planet Launched on iOS!


In Shattered Planet you’re a clone sent to explore a dangerous, ever-changing planet in the name of science. You’ll want to explore and experiment to find as many new species and technologies as you can before you (inevitably) die a horrible death.

It was just released today globally on iOS, and is scheduled for Android release by April 10th.

In some ways it’s traditional — it’s turn-based, you kill monsters for treasure, the world is procedurally generated, and you lose your items when you die. However, it also includes modern sensibilities including intuitive, responsive controls and constant character progression, as you slowly grow stronger between expeditions. Plus, it has a light-hearted sense of humor that sets it apart.

Download now:

Shiny new gameplay trailer:

Press kit:

Post-release coverage:

  • Pocket Gamer says: “Shattered Planet looks gorgeous.” [Source]
  • Gamezebo says: “Shattered Planet has landed in the sweet spot between learnability and surprise that keeps each trip new, fresh, and entertaining.” [Source]
  • Cult Montreal says: “tough-as-nails in its own special way” [Source]
  • (more on the way!)

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