Shattered Planet


Punching aliens … for science!

A survival adventure on a dangerous world, searching for the cure for an all-devouring darkness.

In Shattered Planet, you’re a hapless clone sent to document alien species and technologies, or die trying. Mostly, die trying. You could call it a roguelike, or a survival-exploration RPG on an endlessly dangerous planet. You lose your items when you die, but you keep any scrap metal or crystals you find to invest in permanent upgrades, or to invent new items.


Shattered Planet Facts

  • Punch aliens in the face, or capture them to be your pet – up to you!
  • An infinite, procedurally generated world
  • 200+ different items
  • Release: PC July 3rd, Mac July 17th
  • Warning: difficult! Maybe-probably not impossible?

What’s the story?

In 10,000 A.D., throughout their space colonies, humans have finally encountered a disease they cannot cure. The Blight consumes all light and life it contacts, and the only hope for humanity lies back on the abandoned homeworld, the remains of shattered Earth. A faint signal seems to push back the Blight — you must find its source!

Between an endless Explorer mode, three crazy-hard challenge scenarios, and a random Daily Challenge, there’s enough alien-punching here to entertain at least a thousand clones.



Q: Can I give you money?
A: Yup! Besides the Humble widget above (which gives us the highest %% of money), you can also check out our store page on Steam!

Q: Can I play as a female character? Can I customise my character’s looks?
A: Yup. We support male, female, robot, and alien hero characters, each with a few different look options.

Q: Your game looks cool!
A: That’s not a question. Also, thanks! If you make any fan art, let us know so we can feature you!

Q: Is it a roguelike? Rogue-like-like? Rogue-lite?
A: We are making an RPG that is pretty hard until you learn what’s going on, and you lose some stuff when you die, but it doesn’t feel repetitive because it’s different every time you play! So… sure! We do love games like Brogue.

Q: Can I make Let’s Play videos of Shattered Planet and monetize them?
A: Absolutely. Please tell us about it so we can promote ya. And don’t forget to monetize up the wazoo.