A Long Screenshot: Chillin’ in the Desert

Tanya here. Yesterday, I was working on the game, fixing up some spreadsheets and texts and so forth, and realised that I had been listening to the same cool song for about 30 minutes. I went to find out what it was… and it was Shattered Planet!

So here’s some flutes to make your day (or evening) more mellow, and maybe more mysterious? All praise for the music, of course, should be directed to Ryan Roth. The soundtrack will go on sale simultaneous with the game, so keep a few bucks earmarked!

Joined by an Audio Hero: Ryan Roth!

Tanya here! I’m a huge fan of Starseed Pilgrim — I have a limited-edition button pinned to my bag at all times… and a big part of that is the audio, which is an immersive, dynamically generated soundscape, created by the one-and-only Ryan Roth. Maybe you know him better from Electronic Super Joy, The Yawhg, or Sokobond.

Anyway, the super-double-awesome part of the pin on my bag is, I earned this pin by hunting down and securing a lunch with the makers of Starseed Pilgrim, Droqen and Ryan Roth. All because I had the audacity to ask Ryan to work on Shattered Planet

…and he’s said yes! So, look forward to a hand-crafted, synth-tacular soundtrack from Ryan Roth himself, both in the game and likely to be for sale separately on his website.


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