Free Game: GravCore

What is it?

GravCore is a co-operative game made by 2 people in 7 hours. It looks like a beautiful pong at first glance, but without communicating to the other player, you’re sure to lose! Be sure to invite a friend over to play it with you!

Goal: Work together to guide the ball and collect all of the pieces of your broken space-ship before time runs out!
Player 1 Controls: W and S to move your paddle, Space to change gravity push/pull
Player 2 Controls: Up and Down arrows to move your paddle, Enter to change gravity push/pull

Click to play GravCore!

How it came about

A couple of weeks ago, we heard about a little event called Battle of the Studios at the Montreal International Games Summit. We couldn’t resist the allure of a 7-hour game jam, so we sent Xin and Jongwoo to represent us in the arena!


And, naturally, 7 hours later, they were crowned victorious! They won 2 free copies of MayaLT and 90-day access passes to Mixamo. Thanks to 3vis for hosting the Battle of the Studios and encouraging more game jams.