Welcome to 2014: The Year of Robots

You heard it here first, folks!


Farewell to 2013, our beloved Year of Luigi. We will remember you fondly.

However, 2013 was also a year pointing to a bright future of robot overlords. Amazon announced delivery by drone. Google bought Boston Dynamics. It might be a couple of years until those particular bytes take over the world, but excitement over the impending release of Shattered Planet is just one small indication of 2014’s robot mania to come.

We predict that by the end of 2014:
* We will have tracked approximately 1,000,000 deaths in Shattered Planet due to robot violence.
* The rebooted RoboCop will cause rioting among Detroit’s cyborg civilians
* Upcoming film “OMG, I’m a Robot” will receive 2.3 stars on IMDB.com
* Someone will leak a copy of Mighty No. 9, to the disappointment of many.
* Rich kids will be less interested in programming than ever thanks to Play-i’s Bo and Yana bots
* To compete with Google, Apple will buy Umbrella Corporation.

Brush up on your binary for those black-tie affairs!