Moon Hunters is a 1 to 4 player co-operative personality test RPG! Play as a hero over 5 days, building your legend in an ancient Mesopotamian-inspired world that's different every time. Figure out what's happened to the missing moon goddess, show your personality and create a reputation that becomes your legend.


Moon Hunters was first announced via the Square Enix Collective in January 2014. In August 2014, Kitfox launched a $45,000 Moon Hunters Kickstarter that would go on to earn $178,000, enabling them to grow the game to include online multiplayer and PlayStation platforms. They have also received help from the Canadian Media Fund's experimental stream.


  • Build your mythology: your actions and decisions grow into your reputation, changing how the world reacts to and remembers you.
  • A mystical journey: Different locations and landmarks each have their own potential to help or hinder adventurers.
  • Online or local co-op: Playing alone is fine, but team up with others to overcome the hardest challenges!
  • Great for parties: Each playthrough is less than an hour, allowing people to play together in one sitting.
  • Different every time: With a randomly generated world and adventure levels, with different upgrades at each vendor, there's always something new to find.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX 10 2016 Selection"
  • "Most Promising Game in Development - Indie Prize 2016"
  • "Narrative Design Award - Montreal Independent Games Festival"
  • "Best Co-op Experience - Curse Awards, PAX East 2015"

Selected Articles

  • 10 minute TV special on Kitfox Games, the development and release of Moon Hunters
    Vermont PBS Qulture,
  • Moon Hunters turns your actions into a folk tale as you play, creating a personal narrative that feels important even if you don't care about the story.
    Joel Couture,
  • Moon Hunters, with its elliptical storytelling and commitment to complicating simple narrative, seeks to undo the "one way of seeing hte world" just as it rejects "one way to play the game"
    Sophie Weeks, Remeshed
  • With a plethora of playable characters, replayability with new branches of the story, and challenging top-down hack n slash gameplay, Moon Hunters is a one of a kind party romp
    Jason Parker, MMOHuts
  • Moon Hunters is, out of nowhere, one of our most-anticipated PC and PS4 games of 2016 [...] We're super into it
    Mitch Dyer, IGN

About Kitfox Games

Kitfox Games is an independent Montreal-based game studio dedicated to developing and publishing only the highest quality games. We have a soft spot for exploring and discovering intriguing worlds. We're united in creating the best worlds to explore, and growing together in the process.
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Moon Hunters Credits

Tanya Short
Designer, Producer, Kitfox Games
Jongwoo Kim
Programmer, Kitfox Games
Marcelo Perez
Programmer, Kitfox Games
Kira Boom
Programmer, Kitfox Games
Mike Ditchburn
Programmer, Kitfox Games
Xin Ran Liu
Art Director, Kitfox Games
Michael Horowitz
Artist, Kitfox Games
Ryan Roth
Composer and Audio Director, Freelancer
Halina Heron
Composer, Freelancer
Mattias Graham
Video and Editing, Freelancer
Graham "G.P." Lackey
Artist, Freelancer
Sora Park
Artist, Freelancer
Ben Kybartas
System Designer, Freelancer
Graeme Lennon
Combat Designer, Freelancer
Jill Murray
Narrative Designer, Freelancer
Daniel Hadley
Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Andrei Hajdukewycz
Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Stuart Thiel
Assistant Combat Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Derek Brockmeier
Assistant Combat Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Craig Long
Assistant Combat Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Xavier Janer
Assistant Narrative Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Assistant Narrative Designer, Kickstarter Backer
Bryce White
Assistant Narrative Designer, Kickstarter Backer