In this cult manager, there are sinners aplenty and not all are eager to confess. Each member of your community has 2 hidden traits - one virtuous, one heretical. If you’ve earned the favor of their House, you may investigate their reputation. Otherwise, you may appoint them to your seasonal council and watch their work for clues. Includes the Sunken Sins DLC, launched December 2017.


The Shrouded Isle began as a jam game ("The Sacrifice") for Ludum Dare 33: You Are The Monster. It's created by developers from multiple studios, and published by Kitfox Games.


  • Choose a victim to sacrifice every season
  • Balance power across 5 political families
  • Randomly assigned secret virtues and vices
  • Purge the sinners!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Polygon's "2017's most horrifying and heartfelt indie games""
  • "(Prototype) Ludum Dare 33 Graphics 2nd place, Mood 3rd place, Audio 4th place"

Selected Articles

  • With the DLC's new systems, The Shrouded Isle falls into an uncomfortable but engaging flow.
    Ray Porreca, Destructoid
  • The sense of dread the game manages to pull off with uncomplicated mechanics and a two color palette is impressive
    Jeff Ramos, Polygon
  • There is no hope of salvation
    Kimberly Wallace, GameInformer
  • If you consider yourself a people pleaser who also happens to enjoy worshiping embodiments of madness from beyond time and space, you'll want to clear your schedule
    Joel Couture,

About Kitfox Games

Kitfox Games is an independent Montreal-based game studio dedicated to developing and publishing only the highest quality games. We have a soft spot for exploring and discovering intriguing worlds. We're united in creating the best worlds to explore, and growing together in the process.
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The Shrouded Isle Credits

Jongwoo Kim
Programmer and Designer, Kitfox Games
Erica June Lahaie
Art Director, Independent
François-Xavier Bilodeau
Composer and Audio Designer, Independent
Tanya Short
Writer and Producer, Kitfox Games