Kitfox Games is an independent Montreal-based game studio dedicated to developing and publishing only the highest quality games. We have a soft spot for exploring and discovering intriguing worlds.

We're united in creating the best worlds to explore, and growing together in the process.

Our Team

Kitfox Games is run by its co-founders Tanya X. Short and Xin Ran Liu, but could not function without the valuable work and expertise of its employees, currently including such amazing folks as Marcelo Perez, Kira Boom, Alex Bull, Mehrdad Dehdashti, Thea Kent, and Alexandra Orlando!

Our Values

We respect our employees and players. Kitfox has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and cyberviolence. Everyone must be treated with respect, whether online or offline, and abusers will not be permitted to harm our employees or players. Victims of cyberviolence can also refer to Crash Override for guidance on safe next steps.
2Always Learning
We are eager to learn from those around us, and improve our skills, knowledge, and performance. There is no such thing as having nothing left to learn.
3Committed to Quality
We strive to make our games the best they can be, in every aspect: visually, technically, ethically, and experientially.
4Creatively Courageous
We strive as creators and craftspeople to make games that bring us pride, which requires taking risks.

Our Partners

The Canada Media Fund provides generous assistance in financing Moon Hunters’ development and production, helping us afford to make the game as innovative and high-quality as possible.
Execution Labs supported us before anyone else, and are almost entirely responsible for the existence of Kitfox Games. We are extremely grateful for their trust and generosity.
Unity Technologies are the creators of Unity, the powerful, accessible, and affordable engine and development tools responsible for democratizing development for a community of over 2.5 million registered developers that includes large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists.